Sep 21, 2009

Special discount for SPAlendor readers from

Endless Summer by Ocean Dream is available at Price: Rs 4,250.
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I have some great news for SPAlendor readers.
Secret Cache, a renowned couture swimwear brand based in New York, which is now supplying some trendy and very wearable beachwear for young women in India, is offering a 10 per cent discount for SPAlendor readers.
I've personally enjoyed going through the website (you can order your swimwear from here) and what I find best about the products here are, they're not just sexy, they're very, very smart and extremely trendy.
So, do check out the website and once you do start filling up your online cart, remember to use the code SPA09. There are no shipping charges levied for products that you decide to buy. Remember the code is SPA09. has been with you since April 09. Since it's our first festive season together, here's a little gift from me to you. Do enjoy the discount and keep on visiting and reading the blog. I promise, I'll try my best to bring forth other festive discounts to you as well.

PS: A big shout out to Shruti and Tushar, promoters of Secret Cache who fulfilled the promise and kept their word. Thank you, thank you, thank you

Sep 19, 2009

Spa institutes in India

My friend Hoihnu Hauzel has very graciously allowed me to use this piece on spas for readers of SPAlendor. The story is actually on spa centres of repute which offer training in therapies. I enjoyed going through it and I'm sure you'll love it too.

Sep 18, 2009

Free yoga and meditation camp at Select Citywalk

I'm really tempted to attend this one. Select Citywalk is barely 10 minutes away from where I stay and for a change, I don't mind waking up early and experiencing this event for myself. Any of you who are interested, try and make it.
My husband and I enjoy coming to this mall in south Delhi. It's so well spread out, it's got ample space, great ambience and that really amazing vibe. However, considering that the meditation and yoga camp will be from 5.30-7.30 am, shopaholics would have to wait before stores actually open to serve them.
Our suggestion: Don't give this a miss. Enjoy that morning hour or two with yourself. Waking up early lets you experience some of the most joyous moments. So, go ahead, savour some more moments, rejuvenate yourselves and remember, it's the only time of the day when you really get to be with yourself.

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Sep 17, 2009

Estée Lauder's Signature Services

Estée Lauder has just begun its unique range of signature services. I particularly love the idea of the "personalising" the products (read on for more details). This festive season, a signature service from a premium brand like Estée Lauder would be the ideal gift.

Estée Lauder's Signature Services

Take time out to pamper yourself today with the exclusive new menu of complimentary Estée Lauder Signature Services. Available at Estée Lauder freestanding stores at UB City in Bangalore and Select Citywalk, Delhi, this vast menu of services is fast, foolproof and free – simply visit an Estée Lauder store today and let us grant you your every beauty wish.

Beautiful Skin Solutions Have a skin concern? Visit Estée Lauder for a seasonal skin check up and personalized skincare solution that will leave you with the skin you have always wanted.

Your Shade, Your Finish, Your Match Did you know 8/10 women are wearing the wrong foundation? The exclusive iMatch™ System will find your exact foundation match, perfectly suited to your skin tone, skin colour and skin type. Furthermore, the company will give you a 10-day supply of your perfect shade absolutely free.

iMatch™ Color How do you want to look today? Classic, romantic or something in between – discover the iMatch™ expert color advice to make any look your own.

Two Minute Touch-Ups Give the experts at Estée Lauder two minutes and they’ll give you a fresh new look for eyes, lips and cheeks; the perfect pick-me-up to get you on your way.

Signature Scent What does your fragrance say about you? Light and breezy? Warm and sultry? Let the experts discover your signature scent with this easy two minute guide.

Exclusive to Estée Lauder is the company’s unique engraving machine that allows you to personalise a selection chic, golden powder compacts, lip-gloss and lipstick case with a monogram or a short message. Perfect for gift-giving or to keep for yourself.

Visit your nearest Estée Lauder counter today and let the experts there treat you with an extensive menu of Signature Services to meet your every beauty need. They’re fast, they’re fail proof and they’re free.

Sep 10, 2009

So stoned: Hot stone therapy session review

At Vidya Tikari Studio, besides other therapies, hot stone massage treatment is a big draw

Towards the middle of my hot stone therapy session, I find myself struggling to stay awake. My therapist has deftly cleaned my feet and massaged them in a rhythmic motion and allowed me to rest and enjoy the process of what is called hot stone massage therapy.
It’s only the beginning and I’m already comfortably – and happily -- numb at Vidya Tikari’s studio in Delhi’s Lajpat Nagar while Nancy, my therapist, begins to scrub and clean my feet. It starts bang on time and lasts for almost two hours and all this while I’m enjoying the comfort and luxury of a therapy which dates back to centuries and involves the use of basalt, a black volcanic rock that is supposed to absorb and retain heat well.
If you’re getting a complete body massage done through hot stone therapy, the stones – after a traditional Swedish massage – are placed on the “chakra” points of the body. However, I opted for hot stone therapy for my feet and found myself instantly relieved of stress when Nancy started applying pressure on certain points with the stones on my soles. This she does after she has cleaned my feet thoroughly, applied a sugar peel to “scrub away the dead skin” and then slathered and rubbed my legs with an orange-flavoured body lotion – strangely called “body wax” – from one of the very reputed brands called Oligospa. That helps. The stones, it is believed, should not come in contact with any regular cream for fear of losing their properties. No wonder then that, it’s critical to ensure that the creams used for massaging are of supreme quality.
While the main aim of the therapy is to allow the tense muscles to loosen up, the massage – though referred to as “hot stone” therapy – actually revels in the philosophy of the yin and yang. This essentially means that the “hot” therapy session includes a segment where stones dipped in cold water too are applied before ending on a “warm” note. Put simply, after a round of session with hot stones, the therapist uses a cold rub and completes the session alternating it – towards the end – with another warm massage with stones. Note: Usually therapists will not apply hot stones (they are soaked in water that is at a temperature of 120°-130° F) directly on your body. They will warm their own hands and then gently massage your body before proceeding to rub the stones directly on the body. “Your body cannot take the temperature change suddenly,” explains Nancy while applying pressure on my soles with the warm stones.
Experts suggest that those with high blood pressure and also with extremely sensitive skins should avoid hot stone therapy. If, however, you like the massage but not the high temperature at which its set, request — at the outset — to have the therapy done at a temperature that’s convenient for you.
Personally speaking, I love the heat that is generated on the soles of the feet and on the legs once the therapist starts massaging them in rhythm with the stones. I feel like I’m diving in and out of a hot spring water stream and easing all the tension away. The stones that glide in a to-and-fro motion set forth a tidy tempo that’s so critical in massages.
The grand finale includes a foot-pack powder that’s mixed generously in rose water and applied on the feet which, in turn, is encased for 15 minutes in a cling wrap! It felt a little weird initially - she even puts little stones in between my toes - but after Nancy unwrapped it, I felt a surge of freshness and coolness.
Would I recommend it? Yes. In fact, at Vidya Tikari Studio, between 11.00 am-3.00 pm, you’ll be given a 40 per cent discount too. It takes time to undergo this therapy so make sure you’re in no rush.

Price: Rs 1,000 (including taxes)
Time: 1 hour, 45 minutes
Where: Vidya Tikari Studio, New Delhi
Contact: 011-416-30940/416-35074

Sep 7, 2009

Shreyas: Boutique Yoga Retreat

I suppose a spa blog – especially one that’s written from India -- should mention Shreyas, a retreat tucked away in the green environs of Bangalore. It describes itself as a “boutique yoga retreat”, one that also regularly hosts special yoga programmes and the upcoming ones will be in December-January 2010.
Besides yoga, there are spa treatments on offer too. These include western, oriental as well as ayurvedic therapies. Do give, in particular, the invigorating coffee scrub and the stimulating coffee mask a try. The coffee scrub, in fact, aims at banishing cellulite and has aromatic coffee beans ixed with rice powder, oatmeal and rose water. Not only does it exfoliate gently, it also softens and tightens the skin. The coffee mask, on the other hand, will make you feel like you’ve entered a cafeteria that’s bursting with flavours of freshly ground coffee beans! This massage is a concoction of freshly ground coffee powder, fresh aloevera gel and Fuller’s earth and helps in cleansing and tightening the skin. The caffeine stimulates the circulatory system and rejuvenates the body. Lastly, a deeply moisturizing and relaxing cocoa butter massage kneads away any aches and stresses. Yum!
You can log on to for details on the tariff, upcoming programmes and other queries.
PS: It wouldn’t be a bad idea for the Barista’s and Café Coffee Day’s of the world to demarcate a small area in their cafés for coffee treatments.
Picture courtesy: Shreyas