Apr 15, 2010

Forest Essentials' Yogurt Face Masque for summer 2010

Yoghurt is an excellent natural ingredient that soothes, pampers and moisturises the skin. It also works as a skin tightening and reviving agent and is said to have cleansing properties that help remove traces of dirt, pollution and make up from the pores of the skin and leave it looking fresh and glowing.
Forest Essentials brand new offering is Yogurt Face Masque, a product that includes cold pressed organic almond oil, wheat germ, Vitamin B3, Vitamin E and unprocessed natural yogurt.
To be used after cleansing. Preferably post steaming or using a hot towel. Apply smoothly on face and neck avoiding the eye area and allow it to dry. Rinse off with warm water and then cold water. Use moisturiser as usual.