Jun 23, 2009

TT Footcare: Review

Shiivaz Spa in Mumbai also offers Shiatsu therapy

On Saturday night when I hit the sack, I experienced a throbbing ache in my knees. Though lying down in bed — after a silent prayer — should basically elevate one from all the stress, I felt just the opposite. Having had a long, tiring day at work, I thought that taking a nice shower, drinking a warm glass of milk (added to which was a pinch of turmeric), cuddling my pet dog Foxie, and hugging my husband later, would mean the end of all problems. But I suddenly experienced every tired limb crying out and despite all the comfort that one needs to sleep like a baby, I found myself struggling really hard.
It’s a reason why I took out this gift voucher from the bedside table that hubby dearest had given me nearly three weeks ago. It offered twin treatments of Shiatsu and foot reflexology: just what I needed. What followed was a trip to TT Footcare, a neighbourhood place that offers treatment for feet including the ones I’ve mentioned above besides regular pedicure too (Rs 400). I’ve always wondered how the place exists in the otherwise chaotic market which envelopes it from all sides. The market is always crowded, always buzzing and if there’s anything that exists there in perfect rhythm it is chaos.
It was, therefore, a pleasure to enter the premises of TT Footcare where suddenly one felt transported to another world altogether. First, away from the maddening din, this place was calm and quiet. There was soft, lilting music in the background (I think it was a typical combination of the Japanese harp and flute) and one knew that music therapy was already at work to soothe clients. I loved the silence, I loved the hush-hush conversations when my therapist ushered me to a room while asking her colleague to make sure that everything was in order for the therapy session. I also enjoyed my outing with a huge, leather La-Z-Boy chair, one in which I sank and curled and simply buried myself, surrendering myself to the therapist who was readying me for the sitting. What came into a small room, complete with wooden flooring, were two huge brass vessels and in one of these the therapist soaked my very tired and dull feet. But sadly, there were no rose petals floating in the brass vessels (mostly, that’s how sessions usually start in various spas). The therapist used good ol’ Dettol to clean my feet and knees after which I lay back to enjoy the session.
While her hands were deft, moving in rhythmic directions, teasing all the nasty knots in the soles of my feet, the massage with sesame oil seemed so uplifting that it made me feel instantly at ease. I could almost hear my feet thanking the masseur with every massage stroke. And even though she pressed my feet too firmly, one couldn’t complain. After all, there were nasty knots that were finally forced to disappear. If one was to write down notes on the best experiences in life, I’d certainly rate it high on my list. Ah, to close your eyes in a dimly lit, cosy room with music playing gently in the background while a therapist works skillfully to free all those aching knots in your feet, is stuff of paradise. Though I promised myself to make more notes, ask more questions, I simply sank into the plush chair and caught a blissfully lazy snooze for close to 20 minutes.
No wonder, I was reluctant to move to the first floor of the treatment centre for my 45 minutes of Shiatsu.
“Why can’t you do it here?”
“The mattress only on the first floor miss.”
Now, the first floor’s ceiling was excruciatingly low and had wooden beams jutting out and running from one end of the tiny room to another. I wish the entire session had taken place in just one room, without much movement, trudging from the ground floor to the first especially when a grand massage chair was there too.
The Shiatsu session — a Japanese therapy — where experts apply pressures on different points of the body was relaxing but somehow didn’t have the same effect as the foot reflexology session. This massage sans oils, however, is particularly good for those who don’t like the idea of undressing before therapists. So, while you’re fully clad the masseur applies firm pressures on different parts of your body. While I liked the fact that my therapist expertly massaged my shoulder region, on the whole Shiatsu didn’t work wonders for me.
What made it worse: a very nasty thud on the top of my head right after the therapy got over. I was in a trance after the massage and forgot — while the therapist didn’t warn me — of the wooden beam that lay dangerously low.

Price: (I'm not too sure about the price since I received a gift voucher but I think it's around Rs 1,100)

What we loved
* The ambience was perfect in that it was quiet and peaceful once I stepped inside the spa centre.
* The LazyBoy is the best throne that man ever made
* The foot reflexology is awesome and for 30 minutes it really was a fantastic experience

What flopped
* The therapists at TT Footcare should ask clients which oils they prefer before the therapy starts. A friend of mine, for example, is allergic to sesame oil that was used for my foot reflexology session.
* What struck me later was the fact that TT Footcare didn’t take care to request clients to fill them in with details on oils, what they could be allergic to, whether lady clients who opted for Shiatsu had a problem lying on their stomach. Were clients suffering from other ailments?
* Though it can never be helped, the idea of shifting from one room to another for various therapies gets thumbs down from me.
* A lone orchid on the pristine white sheet, a brass vessel filled with rose petals where you bury your feet, a whiff of camphor in the distance; these are just some elements that make spa treatments more loving, more personal and more indulgent. TT Footcare doesn’t have much of all this. It should.

TT Footcare
Phone: 011 40514562 , 011 40514561
Address: 9, PVR Saket Complex, Ground Floor, Saket, Delhi- 110017
Landmark: Near PVR Cinema

Jun 18, 2009

Aroma Thai Foot Spa, Mumbai

AromaThai Foot Spa offers treatments for Fathers Day. Using the healing art of reflexology, Aroma Thai Foot Spa is a place where one can pamper ignored feet, relax and de-stress.
For more information on prices and treatments, contact AromaThai Foot Spa, Bandra (W), Mumbai.
AromaThai Foot Spa, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai (022-23536600/01)
AromaThai Foot Spa, Inorbit Mall, Malad, Mumbai.

Jun 5, 2009

More on Aura: Packages for men

Though most packages that you read about in SPAlendor are unisex, it's nice to have some treatments dedicated to men. And while this really may look like "Aura plug" what with blogs on the same chain in quick succession, it's certainly not so.
Anyway, enjoy reading about these packages and let me know through the blog if at all you experience them.

Golden Shower Also called Lazy Man's Yoga, this traditional
massage from Thailand is performed on a special floor mat. The therapist uses different techniques to stretch the body muscles into various yoga positions in order to release stress and energy blocks, while also increasing the flexibility of the muscles.
Duration: 60 minutes; price: Rs 2,500

Hibiscus A massage inspired from Hawaii, this treatment is
performed using the hands, palms and elbows in rhythmic movements. The oil blends are customized to suit the guest's mood and are massaged onto the skin in order to ease and loosen muscles, reduce tension, anxiety, fear and negativity, leaving the guest feeling relaxed and refreshed. A soothing cup of Hibiscus Tea adds on to the entire experience.
Duration: 60 minutes; price: Rs 2,500

Back Rest This back treatment uses acupressure, which is applied on
both sides of the spine, the lower back and towards the shoulders and neck. The guest chooses the oil best suited to his mood from a custom-made range, which is then massaged onto the skin to relieve and relax the body muscles.
Duration: 30 minutes; price: Rs 1,200

Revitalize This is a full body massage that relieves sore muscles,
aching joints and calms frazzled nerves. An invigorating blend of essential oils on the shoulders, back and feet.
Duration: 60 minutes; price: Rs 2,000

Bodywork A unique treatment that uses bodywork based on long, slow,
T’ai chi-like strokes to awaken senses and instil awareness.
Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes; price: Rs 3,500

Jun 3, 2009

Summer packages from Aura, Park hotel's luxury day spa's

Experts at Aura, the luxury day spa at The Park, have devised the perfect way to beat the heat. They've announced new packages to battle the season's horrific heat, dust and grime. So sweat no more and simply check out these amazing treatments available at The Park in New Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and Visakhapatnam

Vanilla Essence
It is a gentle massage with a concoction of freshly crushed vanilla beans along with an in-house chocolate-coconut cream. Choco powder, believe experts, is rich in cocoa that helps blood circulation by increasing oxygen supply to the cells. It also helps in removing toxins apart from firming and toning up the skin. Vanilla, on the other hand, is anti-oxidant, aphrodisiac (hmmm!) and is known for its anti-depressant qualities too. What’s more, coconut Cream, rich in Lauric acid, protects one from harmful sunrays. It is known for its healing, tissue repairing and anti scarring properties. I would agree on that; in fact, eczema patients are often advised to rub good ol’ coconut oil on the affected area since it reduces itching and heals the area too.
Duration: one hour; price: Rs 2,350 (excluding taxes)

Mango Mélange
The active ingredients of mango will nurture your skin and the much needed antioxidants of yoghurt will take care of the damage caused by the harmful sun rays. Mango boasts of having a high content of antioxidants and is rich in its hydrating properties while also being rich in vitamin C that helps in relieving clogged pores. Yoghurt being a good natural sunscreen improves complexion and with its cooling and calming properties, makes the skin soft and supple and is a good anti-skin irritant.
Remember to use fresh yoghurt else your face might burst into boils. Also, while mixing yoghurt with Fullers Earth and applying on the face is a good idea, make sure not to let it dry completely especially if you are prone to having a dry complexion.
Duration: one hour, 15 minutes; price: Rs 1,750 (excluding taxes)

Photo courtesy: Aura: The Park, Kolkata