Nov 24, 2009

Guy Kremer Eye Catchers & Thai Spa, Mumbai

Guy Kremer Eye Catchers & Thai Spa introduces Fish Spa Exfoliation Therapy for your feet, an extremely popular therapy across the world and a new craze catching on in a big way in India.
The Thai Spa brings to Mumbai a natural foot exfoliation therapy by Nature’s Doctor Fish. Garra Rufa or Doctor Fish as they are called are brought all the way from the hot springs of Turkey where their unique dietary habits were discovered to smoothen human skin to a healthy glow. Lounge with your feet in the fish spa while the Doctor fish nibble away the scaly dead skin on your feet to give you clean, healthy and smooth feet. It also allows newer skin to regenerate leaving your feet completely massaged. Not just this it also promotes blood circulation, lightens minor scars, eases psoriasis and minor eczema and releases stress and tension giving an enjoyable and relaxing feeling.
At Guy Kremer Eye Catchers & Thai Spa water is changed daily. Temperature is controlled at approximately 30 degree C (86 degree F) and pH level is maintained at neutral. It also prevents liquid waste of oxygen.

You can book your appointment at Eyecatchers & The Thai Spa , High Street, Phoenix, Mumbai. 022 30404528/29/ 30.

Nov 3, 2009

Review: Harnn Heritage Spa

My colleague Neha Bhatt had visited the Harnn Heritage Spa in New Delhi recently and written about it too. The article was published in Business Standard Newspaper. She's allowed SPAlendor to use the piece. Thanks so much Neha.

Harnn Heritage Spa, a Thai chain, recently opened for business in India. With its quiet, tasteful wooden interiors, this outlet includes a cafe and is in the rather empty MGF Metropolitan Mall at Saket, New Delhi.

Now, what spa pampering can I pick for a hot summer day? That information is not available on their website, which is still under construction. Over the phone, while making a reservation, the receptionist, a Thai gentlemen, suggested I walk in 10 minutes before the appointment to skim through the menu and zero in on my preference.

At the designated time, over a cup of complimentary herbal tea, I filled out a spa consultation form to specify my massage requirements. The 13-odd treatments listed on the menu include body massages, foot therapies and facials. Their signature treatment, the Jasmine Therapy (Rs 4,500 for 150 minutes), offers all three treatments. The other treatments at Harnn require 45 to 90 minutes. If you prefer an oil massage, you can pick from a range of aromas — rosemary, citrus, lavender and so on. I chose a balm therapy, the Thai Heritage Massage (Rs 1,650) — with medium to firm pressure. Among the other treatments, the facials seemed expensive at Rs 2,250, while the flowery body scrubs seemed slightly more moderate at Rs 2,000. (All prices exclusive of taxes.)

After a quick foot soak, my masseur, Manipuri incidentally, led me to a spacious treatment room, which was again done up quite elegantly and stocked with a range of Harnn beauty products. The masseur quizzed me with a series of questions before the massage. Did I like the music? Yes. Was the room temperature all right? Yes. Did I need to visit the restroom before we started? No, but thanks for asking. Sixty minutes later, I silently declared the massage to have passed my test, with flying colours, I might add. The stretching techniques and pressure from fingers, elbow, knees and feet perfectly worked the black pepper herbal balm into the skin. Post-massage, I was offered another cup of herbal tea and a plate of melon along with a feedback form, which got full marks for the polite staff. The cafe next door, in partnership with restaurateur Ritu Dalmia, offers a menu where beverages are priced at Rs 100 upwards, and short eats from Rs 300. So, even if you are not up for an over-indulgent afternoon at the spa, stop at this snug little cafe and take a peek into the Harnn boutique.

Score: 8/10. For an expensive but pleasing experience

Picture courtesy: Harnn India