Dec 18, 2009

L'Occitane's Limited Edition range for X'mas 2010

Gorgeous creams and lotions; perfect gift for your loved ones this season

L'Occitane, a leading brand in natural beauty care offers a Limited Edition range of delicious scents for the festive season 2010. The products are especially formulated with natural essentials oils that aren't harsh on sensitive skin types.
The Christmas Limited Edition collections include Candied Rose, Sweet Cherry and Shea Vanilla, all bursting with fabulous fragrances.
The products are available at leading L'Occitane stores in India


Candied fruit, in Provence, has been, for many years, the ultimate delicacy at festive celebrations. Some of the most desirable flowers can also tempt the taste buds and are prepared using traditional methods. Roses are coated in a syrup that crystallizes over time and turns every petal into a mouth-watering delicate delight. No wonder, the products by L'Occitane aren't harsh on the skin.

Candied Rose Body Cream (Rs 2,300 for 200 ml)
Enriched with the goodness of naturally perfumed roses and almond oil, this body cream moisturizes and perfumes the skin. The light texture is rapidly absorbed and leaves behind an iridescent sheen to subtly illuminate the skin.

Candied Rose Bath Powder (Rs 1,380 for 250 gms)
This non-foaming bath powder colors and perfumes the bath water to delight the senses. The floral scent of sugar-coated rose petals, on the other hand, are gentle on the skin. You just need to pour a spoonful of this incredible bath powder (approximately 20gm for 200 litre) into your bath water, stir and enjoy a luxurious bath.

Candied Rose Scented candle (Rs 1,800 for 200 gms)
This scented candle diffuses a subtle scent of sugar-coated rose petals, to fill the home with a delicious and delicate aroma. Approximately 30 hours of fragrance. It's what you need on the bathroom shelf while you enjoy that gorgeous, gorgeous bath.

Candied Rose Hand Cream (Rs495 for 30 ml)
Enriched with shea butter, this hand cream nourishes and perfumes hands. Thanks to their small, portable size, these products can be slipped into a bag and make the perfect travel companions!


L’OCCITANE invites you to discover a truly delectable combination: the soft and subtle scent of shea nuts coated with smooth vanilla. This mouth-watering temptation is so deliciously appealing that even men will find it hard to resist.

Shea Vanilla Body Cream (Rs 2,300 200 ml)
Formulated with a high concentration of shea butter (15 per cent, to be precise) and enriched with vanilla from Madagascar, this body cream nourishes, protects and perfumes the skin with a delicious scent. Its smooth, silky, non-greasy texture is rapidly absorbed, for supple and moisturized skin.


Imagine a handful of juicy cherries coated with candied sugar. Imagine fruity, zesty scents of sweet cherries. That's what you'll get if you pick up L'Occtane's new festive range of this Limited Edition collection

Sweet Cherry Scented Candle (Rs 1,800 for 200 gms)
The Sweet Cherry candle diffuses the soft, zesty scent of a juicy fruit to create a warm atmosphere to fill your home/bathroom.

Sweet Cherry Shower Gel (Rs 450 for 750 ml)
Enriched with special cherry extracts, the shower gel gently cleanses and delicately perfumes skin.

Winter packages at Aura

Aura, the spa at The Park, is offering special winter spa packages for the festive season. Here are the details:

Aloe-Spice Scrub Aloe Vera, also called Ghritakumari is considered a "magical" ingredient in Ayurveda. At Aura, the therapists gently massage you with a blend of exotic spices and aloe vera to increase blood circulation and relieve you from body aches and fatigue. Duration: 45 minutes; Price: Rs 2,000

Vanilla and Cream Massage It's time to rehydrate your skin this festive season with a vanilla-cream massage. A variety of techniques like skin rolling, kneading, acupressure and long soothing stokes are performed in a rhythmic manner to effectively distribute the nutrients. The treatment promises to enhance energy flow, freshness and add a healthy glow on your face. Duration: 90 minutes; Price: Rs 3,500

Grapevine facial Grapes are rich in antioxidants, polyphenols and linoleic acid; all of these boast of anti-ageing properties. The grapevine facial at Aura nourishes, revives and rejuvenates the skin and is especially recommended in the season when the harsh winter breeze tends to dry the skin. What I find particularly cute is that the facial is followed by a glass of -- what else -- a glass of fresh grape juice! The magical spell of the facial, not surprisingly, continues to linger. Duration: 60 minutes; Price: Rs 1,800